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Thread: ammo insanity,

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    ammo insanity,

    I hate this but I have to vent !! rant !! whatever, call it a report.
    My youngest daughter ( also known as starving college student # 3 ) had some car issues (actally a blonde moment, but thats another post) so dad took a day off and trecked up to Tempe Az. to rescue the young lass. I solved the car problem and headed home, on the way home I passed a Bass Pro shop & decided to stop & check out the ammo situation well here we go, I thought I would start with some 45 auto for my new Frankengun 1911 nope aint happening
    S/D. loads only, that aint happening I just want to practice with my new toy!! , next 22lr nope not happening either picked clean , next up 9mm, had about 5 boxes of winchester Nato 9 mm, next 38 special about 10 boxes of Remington SWC thats it !! sold out ok time to leave, next up also on the way home Cabela's same thing no 45 auto except S/D and misc brands of 45 colt, 3 boxes of Herters 9mm , ok 2 more stops Big 5 sports , no 22lr limited supplies of 9mm and 45 auto but they are always overpriced, and I dont usually buy ammo there, last stop Wally world, they keep everything behind a locked case but the case was empty except for some 45 colt and some 380
    no 22lr , I figured I would ask about 45 auto, he said see that old guy you just passed ?? he just bought the last 3 boxes I had , Mrs Critter passes a different WallWorld on the way home she is going to ck out some 45 auto on the way home. I asked clerks at all the stops about re stocking and they all said the same thing it just trickles in and its dissappears in less than a day I wanted to go out this weekend and kill a couple of tin cans and paper targets
    but looks I may be sitting on the supplies I have for a bit longer , this is just crazy !!! (the Frankengun came with 50 rounds but ya know that aint enough especially when it's my first 45 and I need range time)
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    Critter what type of 45 practice rounds do you need ?

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    Angry Thanks Barack.........

    Welcome to the insane world of panic ammo buying.

    Seems to be the same just about everywhere.

    I have been waiting for almost a month for ammo to go's order to arrive. Suppose to be here tomorrow per UPS.

    Thanks Barack !!!!!!!
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    On my way home from work tomorrow I'm hoping to find time to stop at my favorite ammo dump to see what they have left in stock. They're usually in pretty good shape and even survived the rush 4 years ago without running out.
    They are known to implement ammo limits if a rush is seen in process, and the regulars all like it that way. I'd rather be limited to buying a brick of 22LR ammo, than being told somebody came in and bought out the whole stores supplies and there's nothing left for anybody now. I'll let you know what I discover.
    It's really hard to believe that the ammo and gun rush is still on.

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    Same here in Michigan, but we are ok stocked in all the sports 30-30 ammo.

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    Yeah it's just panic buying. Stores shelves will fill back up before too long. Fortunately, several years back, when I had some serious cash, a big time sporting goods store was closing their doors. Picked up 450 boxes of Winchester XX target loads for my Beretta 682 (back in my ATA days), about 500 rounds for my 45-70 (cheap lead load stuff), about 20 boxes of BTSP for the .270 aka, aka "freezer filler", a bunch of 30-30 rounds, some .338 and a whole chit load of 40 cal bullets for reloading, even though I don't own a 40 cal LOL. And somewhere around 20 or so boxes of .44, .45 and .357.

    All the stuff I bought, I never thought to buy any .22 as who would have thought one day THEY would be a hot commodity????

    Walmart here, shelves BARE of rim and centers. Haven't checked Gander as I hate that store. Never have anything that I need. Shotgun ammo is around though, mostly steel but I think I still have around 75 boxes of that stuff too.
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    It's pretty bad out there .

    I shoot mostly .38 spec and .45 ACP and I'm getting a little low on each .

    About a month ago , before it got quite this bad , I picked up 500 rds of each .

    Just over the weekend I managed to locate 1,000 rds of each at a somewhat decent price .

    I jumped on it immediately . You can't tarry in this market .

    I don't think this is going to ease up for a while .

    Regards ,
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    Same situation here. People are driving 25+ miles (not me) looking for ammo. Unfortunately they're wasting an hour round trip & 2-3 gallons of gas. 9mm has always been interesting to find, .223 almost as difficult too. I bought a .40 because it was always on the shelf & still is for now. Overtime was in abundance so I stockpiled on all 3 + some of my other calibers last summer. Like many of yous, reduced range trips should keep me afloat until the river flows again. What yous think ammo prices will rise 15%-20% soon?

    Guess it's time to hang that shingle "Due to ammo prices & availability, they'll be no warning shots fired."
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    Same story in Ohio. I went looking for .22LR for shooting the winter league. Nothing. Fortunately, I can finish the season on 9mm and .38 special that I had stashed.
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    up here in cleveland area we have a store FIN FUR AND FEATHER they have a lot of ammo and not to bad on prices..I rather go to wally's world but,FIN FUR has what I need...Name:  A_5odie_e0.gif
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